Who are we? Where are we from? Where do we go? And what is our mission?

Ethan Wilk, Founder and CEO

Our story

The Xenia Project was created by Ethan Wilk in 2017. An avid marine researcher and blockchain developer, Ethan realized blockchain had the potential to do something more than fuel an Internet coin: it could save our planet's fish. Getting to work, he developed chips to attach to fish that would track their swimming patterns as well as monitor their vital signs, important information for marine researchers combatting aquatic extinction. It was then that Ethan registered the Xenia Project, a nonprofit to promote the use of blockchain technology in conservation of marine ecosystems. To this day, we are saving 3 species of fish in Arizona and Australia and have inspired over 500 volunteers around the world.

Our name

Although it may sound funny, the Xenia Project gets its name from Greece. An abstract concept of generosity and hospitality, "xenia" refers to the rituals of courtesy that were common in ancient Greece, and continue to live on through our organization.

Our mission

The Xenia Project has a singular and simple mission: to preserve our marine wildlife through the unique implementation of revolutionary technology. To carry this vision out, we have developed numerous forms of world-changing chips for marine conservation, and have launched international operations to spread awareness for our cause. To learn more, join our e-mail newsletter (no spam, we promise)!